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Give Your Home Total Protection

Roofing SystemTalk To Us About A Roofing System For Your Kannapolis, NC Home

Owens Corning offers a Total Protection Roofing System designed to protect your home against the elements while providing sufficient ventilation. The team at Dry Sky Roofing, LLC will talk to you about the benefits and components of this roofing system.

Your roof should provide three main layers of protection. The Total Protection Roofing System will:

  • Seal your roof with a waterproof barrier
  • Defend against severe weather
  • Breathe via proper ventilation

Once we’ve installed your roofing system, you won’t have to worry about water and ice damage. Call 704-412-3636 today to get more information about the Roof Protection System in Kannapolis, NC and beyond.

Roof System Seal


Roof System Defend


Roof System Breathe


Our Roof System Will Help You Manage Temperature And Moisture

Our roofer will make sure your roof won’t blow away and will direct water away from the roof deck, especially around eaves and peaks. This will prevent rot and mold growth, among other issues. We’ll also install intake and exhaust vents to allow fresh air to circulate through your attic. Contact our roofer in Kannapolis, NC today to get the protection your home needs.

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