Ryan B

Cornelius, NC
I came across Jimmy (Owner of Dry Sky Roofing) through Home Advisor and after meeting him I knew immediately that he was who we wanted to go with. Unlike the other companies I met with prior to utilizing Home Advisor, Jimmy isn't going to throw out any sales gimmicks at you, i.e. "we can put a sign in your yard for a month and that will be your deductible payment" or "hey, I got an idea, let's commit insurance fraud by not completing all the work your insurance company is paying for, but then tell them we did so that you can save $300!" - true story... Jimmy will give you an extremely competitive quote, and give you options (good/better/best). They will complete the work quickly, and Jimmy will be on-site working right alongside his crew. No loud music blaring, swearing, cigarette butts, etc., just a hard working crew with a great leader. When it's over you'll get an electronic invoice emailed to you so you can pay online. It literally couldn't be any easier. One other point worth mentioning that speaks to Jimmy's character is that I provided him with all my insurance paperwork, which details exactly how much we were to be paid for every single aspect of the new roof. Rather than simply quoting me what the insurance company estimated it should cost, he took the time to do an actual quote and came in lower than the insurance quote/payment. Hire him already. You will not regret it.
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